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How to Stop Resentment From Poisoning Your Passion

The Erotic Power of Breath

Are Men Really More Visual Creatures?

Taking a Pause

How Resentment Is Ruining Your Sex Life

Need Your Partner to Take on More Emotional Labor? Here’s How

Emotional Labor is Imbalanced, But it Doesn’t Have to Be

The Upsides of Anger

How to Deal With Angry People

How a Mindfulness Practice Can Help With Alexithymia

Alexithymia: When You Can’t Put Emotions to Words... and A Scene From the Idol That Gave Me The Ick

The Bechdel Test: 38 Years Later, and We’re Still Flunking

The Male Gaze: Hot or Hurtful?

Sexting, Sending Nudes, and Setting Boundaries

3 Important Rules for Hooking Up and Dating

How to Actually Get to Know Someone Better

5 Subtle Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Partner

Book Club | Wired for Dating Chapters 4-6

Situationships Can Be Healthy, and Here’s Why

How to Set Sexpectations in Dating

Book Club | Wired for Dating, Chapters 1-3

The Lead-Up and Come Down From a Date

Rejection Hurts, but Ghosting is Worse

Is It Time to Get Off TikTok and See a Professional?

Psychiatry and Social Media: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Book Club | Slow Pleasure Chapter 7 + Conclusion

How Solo Sex Can Help You Heal From Sexual Trauma

How to Have Hot and Healthy Sex Again After Trauma

Book Club | Slow Pleasure: Explore your pleasure spectrum

Men Have More Orgasms Than Their Women Partners, But Why?

How self-pleasure can enhance your life

Believe it or not, you are responsible for your own pleasure.

Book Club | Slow Pleasure: Explore Your Pleasure Spectrum (Chapters 3-4)

3 Ways to Think About Pleasure Equity

Book Club | Slow Pleasure: Explore your pleasure spectrum

How to Start a Pleasure Practice

Slowing Down For Pleasure

Book Club | The Purity Myth: Chapters 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 Reflections

What We Learned About Misogyny and Sexism This Month

How Slut-Shaming and the Purity Myth Go Hand and Hand

Book Club | The Purity Myth: Chapters 5 + 6 Reflections

How Misogyny Is Being Monetized Online

Does Being Ambitious Make Women “Undateable”? Hell No!

Book Club | The Purity Myth: Chapters 3 + 4 Reflections

Let’s Talk About Sex(ism): Benevolent and Hostile

Understanding the “Pick Me” Girl and 9 Subtle Signs of Internalized Misogyny

Book Club | The Purity Myth: Chapter 2 Reflection Questions

Book Club | The Purity Myth: Chapter 1 Reflection Questions

Why Objectification Is Harmful — and How to Examine It (with reflection questions)

How Objectifying Women Confronts Existential Fears (but that doesn't make it okay)

Digging Deeper Into Misogyny and Sexism

Modern Intimacy Is Expanding - Here's What’s New

Unpacking Racial Trauma in Relationships